House Construction with natural texture - My own house

House Construction with natural texture
– My own house


Constructing a new house is a dream of many of the people where ever they live in the world.  If a person has enough financial capability to build a house, the first problem he faces, will be the finding of a proper land where he can build his house to match his personnel needs and dreams.  Most of the time, this is once-in-the life investment.  Therefore, a careful attention must be made on finding the proper land Read the rest of this entry »


English: Water supply in Selborne

When the idea of constructing a new house conceives in your mind, at the same time, you may start thinking about so many questions: smaller or bigger house, simple or luxurious house, whether the condition of the land can increase cost, whether the house can be affected by disastrous situations, whether the available money is sufficient or how to find money and so on.  So, your mind is a like a foot ball in a boot ball game.  If you need to succeed your goal, Read the rest of this entry »


Flowers Blooming Up

Flowers Blooming Up


I can remember that my first ever writing is about my mother.  That was for our college wall paper.  That article was praised by my class teacher and she forecasted that I would be good writer one day.  That was how I started my writing career.  Read the rest of this entry »

Think a little bit!


Housing (Photo credit: james.thompson)

Every human needs a shelter or a house to protect from the environmental, climatic and weather changes and enjoy his or her personalized life.  The size, type, shape and the cost of a house are vastly varying and they depend on the ambitions of the individual. Most of the time, the personal behaviors, feelings, cultural image etc. of a person are exhibited through a house and it is a life time investment. Sometimes, a house is an ancestral reward to the next generation and a piece of art. Read the rest of this entry »