Posted: January 17, 2013 in HOUSE PLANNING
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Think a little bit!


Housing (Photo credit: james.thompson)

Every human needs a shelter or a house to protect from the environmental, climatic and weather changes and enjoy his or her personalized life.  The size, type, shape and the cost of a house are vastly varying and they depend on the ambitions of the individual. Most of the time, the personal behaviors, feelings, cultural image etc. of a person are exhibited through a house and it is a life time investment. Sometimes, a house is an ancestral reward to the next generation and a piece of art. Therefore, if you hope to build your own house, it is very important that you should concentrate your mind and ask several questions yourself before deciding on the type of your house.  All these facts are very essential for a building designer to do a proper design for your house.

1.       Why do you need a house?  Your answer could be that:
  • Presently, you do not have your own house.
  • You need a new house.
  • You need a second house for your holidays etc.
  • You need a house for renting or other commercial purposes.
2.      Where do you need your house?  You may be necessary to have it:
  • On an available land
  • Close to your working place
  • Close to or within a particular city
  • On a mountain top
  • In a location with beautiful sceneries
  • Close to a place with all facilities like schools, offices, hospital and so on
  • In a place where you have your relations
3.      What should be the general type of the house?  You may require it to be:
  • A simple and beautiful
  • Luxurious with all facilities
  • Match your family needs
  • A single storey or a multi-storey house
4.      What price would you expect to afford? 
  • What is in your hand
  • It is Immaterial
  • Necessary amount is available
5.      How do you find money?
  • Available in hand
  • To be earned
  • To be borrowed from a bank or a lender
  • Combination of two or all three of above

You may select one item from each unit given above and then you may have a good frame work for construction of your house.

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