How to Understand the Eight Facts that Matters Your New House?

Posted: March 27, 2013 in HOUSE PLANNING
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English: Water supply in Selborne

When the idea of constructing a new house conceives in your mind, at the same time, you may start thinking about so many questions: smaller or bigger house, simple or luxurious house, whether the condition of the land can increase cost, whether the house can be affected by disastrous situations, whether the available money is sufficient or how to find money and so on.  So, your mind is a like a foot ball in a boot ball game.  If you need to succeed your goal, it is important to you understand and study in advance the surrounding and the problems you have to face.

Following are such eight facts you should consider:

1.   Needs of the owner (or you)

  •          Family requirements
  •          Future additions to the family
  •          Expected visitors
  •          Space required for other purposes such as offices , commercial activities and so on , if required
  •          Landscaping arrangements and vehicle parking
  •          Other outdoor facilities such as swimming pools, locations for playing and recreations etc.

2.   Location of the land.

  •          Whether the land is a city centre
  •          Close to a place affecting the dwellers such as hospital, school, factory etc.
  •          Calm and quiet place
  •          In a wood
  •          In a mountain valley or on a mountain top
  •          In an open area

3.   Condition of the land

  •          The land is flat or on a mild slope or on a  steep slope
  •          Whether the size is sufficient for the requirement
  •          Shape of the land
  •          Buildings, trees and other objects existing in the adjacent lands

4.   Possible disastrous conditions

  •          Flood
  •          Hurricane
  •          Tsunami and sea wave
  •          Earth quacks
  •          Land slides

5.   Fund limitations

  •          Sufficiently available
  •          To be found from a loan
  •          Require stage  by stage construction
  •          To be managed with the available funds in hand
  •          Combination of some of the above

6.   Availability of construction materials

  •          All material available in the close vicinity
  •          Some of the materials have to be transported from the distance
  •          Some material not available at all
  •          Some alternative and locally available materials to be found

7.   Government and local authority requirements

  •          Minimum areas for rooms and other spaces
  •          Sufficient ventilation
  •          Sufficient natural light
  •          Provision of power sources, water supply and sanitary facilities
  •          Drainage, and waste material and waste water disposal
  •          Minimum area required for a land and requirement of access to the land

8.   Astrological aspects and cultural aspects

It is important that you get the views of the building planner or the building engineer regarding the above matters and understand how the satisfactory precautions are taken for the possible problems.

N. Wimalsiri
Freelance Writer and Copy Writer
Consultant on Planning and Construction of Buildings and Roads
Consultant on Geotechnical Engineering matters

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