How to find a proper land for your new house?

Posted: April 4, 2013 in HOUSE PLANNING
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House Construction with natural texture - My own house

House Construction with natural texture
– My own house


Constructing a new house is a dream of many of the people where ever they live in the world.  If a person has enough financial capability to build a house, the first problem he faces, will be the finding of a proper land where he can build his house to match his personnel needs and dreams.  Most of the time, this is once-in-the life investment.  Therefore, a careful attention must be made on finding the proper land on which a number of factors depend on, such as safety, construction cost of the house, locating of his requirements properly and so on.

You may need to construct your house in a place close to your office or in a particular region or city, or you may need it to have in a place with particular scenery.  Whatever the personnel needs you want to fix in the place, it needs the land to fulfill some basic requirements.

  1. It may need to satisfy the requirements imposed by the Local Authority and the government.  Your land should have a minimum area so as to set out your dream house while satisfying the street limit requirements and other reservations, maximum proportion of building area to land area, maximum building height requirements and so on.
  2. Natural slope of the land should be so that the intended structure can be fixed on the land and it should withstand against the possible slope failures or the possible vibration if the land is in an earth quack prone area.
  3. The shape of the land should be suitable for the optimum utilization of the land area and for the maximum utilization of the natural ventilation and the natural light so as to minimize the power consumption.
  4. Sufficient attention should be made during searching the land so as to avoid areas prone to natural disasters such as floods, landslides, earth quacks and locations where there is high objects which attract lightening, e.g. – High-tension power lines.
  5. The sub soil condition should be suitable so as to construct the house with an economical foundation type. It is economical to avoid lands with very loose soils and rock.  Load bearing capacity of the soil can be tested in a soil laboratory.
  6. The natural water level of the area is very important that no water can seep in to the house both during dry season and rainy season.  If the house has to be constructed in a place with the water table close to or above the natural ground level, special precautions have to be taken and it could be costly.
  7. Availability of necessary services such as electricity, communication, water and public sewerage disposal system etc.  If any of these services is not available, what would be the additional cost you have to bear to correct it?
  8. If a public sewerage and solid waste disposal system is not available at a reachable distance, look for the possibility of constructing the soakage pits.  The ground should have sufficient percolating properties.  If the water is stagnating or the land is rocky, costly alternatives might need to look for.
  9. Existence of high rise buildings and other tall objects which hind your house from getting proper ventilation and natural light, and obstruct the view of your house. Your house should be consistence with the surrounding environment.

So, you can get the help of the architect or the building engineer in selecting the land to avoid possible problems arising due to the above facts.

N. Wimalsiri
Freelance Writer and Copy Writer
Consultant on Planning and Construction of Buildings and Roads
Consultant on Geotechnical Engineering matters


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