Do Ordinary People Need Civil Engineering?

Civil Engineering is a very interesting subject.  But, people working in the field of Civil Engineering believe that civil Engineering is a subject that only professional engineers must handle.  It is true, because the Civil Engineering is primarily based on certain principles in Physics and Mathematics and only professional Civil Engineers should handle them.  But, I thoroughly believe that ordinary people must know certain things on Civil Engineering like proper construction methods, proper materials to be used during a particular work and so on.

 There is a famous saying that “any person from his birth to the death, cannot live without involving in politics intentionally or unintentionally”.  At the same time, it is well known that medicine is a subject that is handled by the professional doctors.  But, every layman should know a lot of things about medicine otherwise it is difficult to survive.  In all these cases, people should know the actual or the correct facts.  So should the Civil Engineering.

 But, the unfortunate thing is that most of the ordinary people do not know that how some construction work in Civil Engineering is done or got done correctly.  So my objective of this writing is to educate the ordinary people in a simple way how things are done correctly using correct ingredients.  Knowing about civil Engineering does not mean that you should need to do all construction work yourself.  But, to get something done even through a professional, it is very important you to know the subject to some extent or the basic things, correctly.

 Civil Engineering is a very broad subject that is branching out to a number of sub disciplines.   Out of them, in most of the cases, the ordinary people may require to know about construction of buildings and roads and how to interact with the environment – soil, water and air.

Therefore, similar to politics or medicine, every day, we live with Civil Engineering.  So, it is important to learn about Civil engineering, and knowing about Civil engineering, deserves you five Rights (See ‘what is civil Engineering’).

 N. Wimalsiri
Freelance Writer
Consultant on Planning and Construction of Buildings and Roads
Consultant on Geotechnical Engineering matters


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