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Here is a brief description on how and why I get on to Freelance Blogging on Civil Engineering subjects



When I was a small child, I was very interesting about beautiful houses and I was always looking at beautiful styles and different features of them while I was moving on roads.  One day, my class teacher of the primary school asked the children of the class that what our expectations were.  Being a very enthusiastic student of the class, I straightaway replied that I wanted to be a Mason. The teacher asked the reasons and my reply was that I wanted to build my own beautiful house.  By that time, I had seen only masons were working in construction of houses.  Then, my teacher kindly told me “My son, if you want to build nice houses, not only for you but also for others who need nice houses, you should become a Civil Engineer”.  So, these words deposited in the deepest places of my mind and the same led me to become a civil engineer.


After I became a civil Engineer, I got a lot of chances for joining in construction of houses and other types of buildings and also attending various problems in maintenance of buildings.  During a certain period, I got the chance of supervising the maintenance work of buildings of several major hospitals.  It was a very good experience I had in my career. With these experiences, I understood one thing that a lot of house (or building) owners faced many problems in later time due to the improper planning and due to the incorrect construction methods and materials they had used in construction of their houses.

Hence, through this blog, GeneraltechDocs.wordpress.com, I hope to share my experiences and explain in a simple way how one should construct a house (or a building) using correct construction methods and the correct construction materials for whom it needs to construct a new house or repair a house or needs to supervise a building project.

In a later time, I understood that many building owners (Specially, in the case of large buildings) faced many problems during construction of foundations and I decided to study the subject in deep.  Hence, I mastered a part of engineering called Geotechnical Engineering which teaches us about the nature of our earth where we all: human, animal, trees, many natural features and manmade structures are standing. This subject teaches us how engineering structures can be constructed on this earth safely.

 Although good houses (or buildings) are constructed they cannot exist or be useful unless we have roads.  So, third part of engineering, I am interesting, is construction of roads and highways.

The words of my bellowed teacher “My son, if you want to build nice houses, not only for you but also for others who need nice houses, you should become a Civil Engineer” are repeatedly waving in my mind.  My friends, hence, through this blog, I hope to share my experience with the world by writing about three subjects building constructions, road constructions and Geotechnical Engineering matters; and at the same time, I hope to share my views with others who are involving in these subjects and answer problems faced by any house owner regarding construction and repairing of their houses. I offer Freelance Writing and consultancy services on above subjects.

Freelance Writer
Consultant on Planning and Construction of Buildings and Roads
Consultant on Geotechnical Engineering problems


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